Below is a list of readers that have sent us a few words about David Lim's latest book:

Brian Tracy

Author, Full Engagement

David Lim has written a terrific book on Leadership, giving you some wonderful ideas to be more effective and get better results.

Brigadier-General (Retired) George Yeo

Former Minister for Foreign Affairs

David Lim's collection of insights into the nature of leadership is interesting and a little provocative.  His own life experience is a case study of how leadership requires both knowing and challenging oneself, and knowing and challenging others.  I dipped into his book at leisure and found nuggets each time I did.

Vince Poscente

New York Times Best Selling Author, The Age of Speed & Olympic Skier

How Leaders Lead is for people who want to be on the cutting edge of leadership strategies and trends. I fully endorse his book for those seeking a competitive advantage in the business of life.

Ho Kwon Ping

Chairman, Banyan Tree Group

Most how-to books on leadership have a handful of pointers, but not 71 lessons!   The value of this book is not that it be read in one go, and for a potential leader to remember all the lessons. Its value is as a kind of bedside companion, for someone to flip through and find a particular lesson to be insightful and worthwhile internalizing in our daily practice of leadership.

Michael Podolinksy CSP

Author, Productivity: Winning in Life & Asia's Productivity Guru

David Lim has done it again. This book is full of wonderful, easily implemented tips, tools and techniques to motivate, inspire and improve any leader or manager. This is a must have for any serious professional and the benefits of reading, absorbent and implementing David's wisdom will pay returns for a lifetime.