5 Tips for Getting Noticed at Work

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By: David Novak, Co-Founder & CEO of David Novak Leadership

Every year more than 300 college athletes are invited to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine. These athletes will go through rigorous physical and mental testing. They will be challenged, evaluated and scrutinized by coaches and general managers. All of them are super talented. They are willing to go through the ritual with the hope that they will in some way stand-out or be noticed so they can achieve their dream to play in the NFL.

You probably don’t think about your workplace as a scouting combine, but the reality is that you are surrounded by highly talented individuals and if you want to get ahead in your organization you need to find a way to standout.

Free Leadership Assessment from oGoLead with David NovakHere are 5 tips that will help you get noticed in a sea of talented workers:

1. Be really good at what you do: Be the best at what you do. Develop a track record of good results, so people know you are good at your job and can be counted on. You might be capable of occasionally kicking a 60 yard field goal, but that won’t matter if you routinely miss from inside the 40. Only the consistent kicker will get the job.

2. Learn how to work well with others: Often the best results are achieved by working with others. The better you are at collaborating, the better your work will be. At David Novak Leadership, we have a saying: “develop your EQ, because your IQ isn’t the only thing that will make you successful.” In short, be a team player.

3. Be an avid learner: The world is ever-changing. Facts, trends, and consumer data are eternally being updated. You don’t want to be stuck in the past, so seek to learn what changes are happening. Study the marketplace. Know what the newest leadership trends are. Develop yourself. You’ll be seen as the kind of person who can grow as the company grows.

4. Think like your boss: If you center your work around your boss’s goals and the organization’s mission, everything you do will contribute to the bigger picture, and you’ll be recognized as someone who moves the whole business forward.

5. Be enthusiastic: Enthusiasm and positive energy are two highly sought-after qualities. Be the person who inspires others. When you point out problems, also bring solutions. Your team will seek you out and want to work with you because you’ll be perceived as a resource.

If you develop these traits, you’ll have no problem stepping into the next phase of your career. Department heads will be looking to trade-up to draft you on their team. So, what now? Check out David Novak Leadership for more great advice on growing in your career and developing your leadership skills.

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