How to Handle Unexpected Surprises in Your Career

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Have you ever started a job with high hopes only to be surprised by the reality of your responsibilities? Maybe your current job is taking you in a direction you hadn’t planned for yourself, or perhaps you feel stuck and aren’t sure if the organization you work for is a good fit.

How you navigate these unexpected surprises matters. And getting advice from others who walked this road before you can help.

Free Leadership Assessment from David Novak LeadershipFirst, keep in mind that the path to success isn’t always straight forward, and more than likely you’ll end up taking a few pit-stops before you reach your destination.

In the early days of his career, David Novak never imagined he would become the CEO of a multinational company. Like many, he started at the bottom and worked his way up. Whenever he was presented with a new opportunity, he jumped at it.

If you’re like David and want to reach the next level, it’s important to keep getting better at what you do. Read up on the latest trends. Discover better methods. Know what works well and hone in on that. This is called being an avid learner. Choosing to be an avid learner will not only help you grow in your knowledge and skills, but it will also help you grow as a person and a leader.

Everyone worries about their future at some point; however, it’s important to stay focused. Throughout your career, you will probably deal with obstacles and anxieties, but trust that time and experience will take care of everything.

When faced with unexpected twists and turns on your career path, keep pressing on because you never know what you’ll be capable of. Always aim to be the best you can be, and maybe one day you’ll find yourself in a position beyond anything you’ve dreamed of. Then it will be your turn to share your wisdom and advice with others so they can learn navigate the unexpected surprises too.

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