Alberto Carvalho

Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Episode summary
LEADING with Smarts.

When Alberto Carvalho took the job as Superintendent of the country’s fourth largest district, Miami-Dade, he was faced with an impossible challenge. To overcome three levels of bankruptcy for the school district, Carvalho reinvented the school system, eliminating poor performers and focusing on results and data-driven decision making. Listen as David and Alberto discuss this successful turnaround, why he fired nine principals his first week and being knighted in his home country of Portugal.

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How do you overcome an impossible challenge?

“Surround yourself, whether they are foe or friend, with the most remarkable minds who are the best at what they do, and have them embrace a vision and subscribe to it, they don't have to subscribe to a king. But subscribe to a vision that is powerful.”

“We ought to be respectful of a professional’s humanity, but not at the expense of the children they serve.”

“I've never met anyone who was terrifically successful at something they did not excel at, and that they did not love.”


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