alexa von tobel

Founder, Managing Partner at Inspired Capital

Episode summary
leading through uncertainty

A force of positivity and pioneer of Financial Technology, Alexa von Tobel felt so strongly about democratizing financial advice for Americans that she dropped out of Harvard business school to build her first business, LearnVest, in 2008. After revolutionizing digital financial services, she sold LearnVest the very same week that she gave birth to her first child. Now, Alexa von Tobel is the Managing Partner of Inspired Capital, a venture capital firm which she founded in 2019.
Listen as David and Alexa discuss being hyper-verbal and the power of communication, parallels between athletes and leaders, and how to lead through uncertainty both personally and professionally.

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how do you lead through uncertainty.

“You have to start the day at 110%, but on the days where you get the wind knocked out of you, it's okay if you go home at 4.”

“What makes us happy is consistency, continuity, knowing small things that you love add up to long periods of time, like a great cup of coffee...but people are always like ‘more money, more things, bigger house, winning the lottery.’ Unsurprisingly, winning the lottery doesn’t make you happy.”

“You need your "Why" that is not about money. It is not about fame, it is not about success. It is not about proving something to somebody else.”


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