Bob Greifeld

Chairman of Virtu Financial and Former Chairman & CEO of NASDAQ

Episode summary
LEADING with intensity.

With a 20-year history in technology, Former CEO of NASDAQ, Bob Greifeld is a relentless leader in every way imaginable. An English major-turned computer specialist, Greifeld approached his job interview at NASDAQ in a strategic way, laying out his detailed plan for the ailing stock index. He had studied NASDAQ for years and knew what needed to happen. Bob believes that a person’s gut instincts aren’t merely a sixth sense, but rather the convictions that rise from collecting years of mental data on a given issue. Listen as Bob and David discuss sleeping on big decisions, his first encounter with Jeff Bezos, and his book, Market Mover.

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Are you afraid to follow your gut?

“The difference between success and failure are two sides of a very thin dime. And you're not preordained to succeed or preordained to fail. So I wouldn't wake up every morning with confidence, but knowing that nothing is guaranteed, you can fail with this thing. And that, you know, that's a powerful motivator.”

"Where does the gut come from? The gut comes from the big data you build up in your head, through the years of knowledge that you have. It's the facts you accumulate with this particular thing...So it feels like it's a gut instinct, but really it’s a lot driven by data.”

“If you get to be a CEO, right, you get there because you're very bright and you're driven. You're hardworking. So why do you fail? So me, you fail, because you don't do things that lever your time, right? So you always have to pick the items that have the biggest lever effect on the organization”


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