Alexanne Riggle Weekly

The best leaders understand the importance of acting in service of others instead of trying to control others. Few people have seen more success by leading this way than Guy Raz, the host and creator of two popular podcasts “How I Built This” and “Wisdom from the Top.” Guy knows it takes a lot to give up control and in this episode, he imparts great wisdom on how to instead act in service of others to get big things done.

Key Takeaway: Giving up control and learning to act in service of others will help you and your team grow together and move your business forward.

Are there areas of your leadership where you’re exerting too much control? How might your need to control outcomes be hindering your team’s ability to grow? Are there people on your team you could trust more with their responsibilities so you can give up control?

This week, shift your focus from controlling others to acting in service of others by:

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