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Platform features

Our unique online learning platform is designed for you to learn best and can operate on its own or be deployed through the leading learning management systems (LMS)


Each program is design to allow participants to engage according to their schedule and will auto save every 30 seconds so the learner can leave the program and return to where they left off.

Multiple Learning Modalities

Each program uses a variety of interactive learning modalities such as videos, animations, assessments, action plans, audio clips, e-books and more to keep the learners engaged in course content.

Co-branding and Customization

David Novak Leadership’s proprietary learning platform can be co-branded and customized to represent the look and feel of your brand.


The platform is accessible 24/7 through any digital device from laptops to any IOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Discussion Forum

Our platform includes a discussion feature similar to a comment section in social media that allows participants to share insights and learn from others taking the program.

Printable Journal

Each program includes a digital journal that allows the participants to take and save notes along with course content. The journal can be saved as a pdf document or printed.

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