Dave Calhoun

President & CEO of The Boeing Company

Episode summary
Restoring Stability in Crisis.

Today's guest is Dave Calhoun, the President and CEO of Boeing, the largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners Defense, Space and security systems. Dave joined Boeing as CEO in January of 2020, and little did he know the challenges that he’d be up against only a couple months later, when COVID hit. But what Dave has shown is the great leaders restore stability in the midst of a crisis. When we are thrown a right hook that we don't expect when things are a bit chaotic, we look to great leaders to show us how we should think and behave. Now what you're going to hear in this interview is how Dave helped Boeing navigate not only COVID and the massive impact that it had on the airline industry, but also how Boeing has handled the situation of their 737 Max, which was banned from flying passengers due to two plane crashes in 2018 and 19. Now it takes a strong leader to navigate those situations and restore stability on the other side.

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Restoring Stability in Crisis.

“Come up with your set of values and make sure everybody in the company knows it…by the time you get everybody bought in – and everyone's going through their own discovery, around those values – it is the most powerful weapon any of I think anybody in the leadership world has.”

“Big institutions can get into a mode of adding complexity and never removing any of it, never working as hard on simplifying as they do adding that next layer and next lens, and it gets you in trouble."

“If you're not balanced at home, if you are not on top of your game at home, you have no chance of succeeding at Boeing.”


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