Alexanne Riggle Weekly

Success is a good thing, right? Well, of course … but sometimes we forget how risky it is. When things are going well, complacency creeps in. And before long, that success is in jeopardy.

When Roger Goodell became the NFL Commissioner 16 years ago, he made sure the league didn’t rest on its own incredible popularity. He fought complacency by identifying new opportunities and clarifying his long-term vision.

Want to see how he did it? Listen to this conversation and make sure YOUR success lasts for the long haul.

Key Takeaway:
To fight complacency, we have to be intentional about pursuing new opportunities and refining our vision.

In what areas of your life or business do you simply accept the status quo? What process do you have to go after new opportunities (instead of waiting for them to come to you)? How often do you refresh and refine your vision?

This week, here are three practical ways you can fight complacency:

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