Five Behaviors of Great Leaders

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When you think of great leaders who comes to mind? Do you think of historical people like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy? Maybe you think of leaders of powerful companies like Jamie Dimon or Indra Nooyi.

Free Leadership Assessment from David Novak LeadershipYou don’t have to be famous or lead a big company to be a great leader. Think about those leaders that made a real impact in your life like your high school coach, an employer or a manager that invested in your growth and development. These leaders earn trust and respect from their followers, and they lead by example. What makes them different?

Here are 5 behaviors that make a great leader:

1. They are all about their organization’s success. They understand that nothing big is accomplished alone. They care more about the success of the people working for them than their own success.

2. They are successful over a long period of time, and in more than one occasion. Great leaders are adaptable and grow. Because they understand and apply positive leadership principles, they can come into a variety of new situations and circumstances and still be highly effective.

3. They are avid learners. Great leaders are good at what they do, but they don’t stop there. They want to learn new ways to get better at leadership, at their business, and at their craft.

4. They don’t shift blame to their people when faced with setbacks. Great leaders take ownership when problems arise. They focus on what needs to be done to correct the issue then put process and discipline in place to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again.

5. Great Leaders recognize the people that helped them succeed. When success comes, great leaders point to their team – or mentors – as the reason. They give the credit away, rather than hoard it.

Leaders who exemplify these traits are not only admirable, but they leave a lasting impression. Implement these five behaviors and you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression, too. If you want to continue to grow in your leadership, check out the great resources on our website.

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