How to Avoid the Leadership Learning Trap

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If you have been around leadership circles for very long, you’ve likely heard the term “avid learner”. Being an avid learner means you are deliberate about gaining new insights to become better at what you do. With the amount of knowledge readily available these days, anyone can be an avid learner. If you want to grow your career, you should absolutely be doing this.
Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been working on developing your skills for a while, it’s important to beware of the leadership learning trap.
When you take in new information, does it influence your day-to-day actions? Have you spent time and energy trying to develop yourself with no noticeable results? If learning doesn’t lead to transformation, then you’ve fallen into the leadership learning trap.
To grow in your leadership, you need to be learning and developing. The two are not the same and it’s important to understand the difference if you want to be an effective leader.
Being an intentional learner isn’t just about taking in knowledge. The most important thing is what happens after you consume information. It’s absorbing new ideas and letting them change the way you believe. When your beliefs change, your behavior changes.

Intentional learning is transformational

It is taking in new information and turning it into action.

The most inspiring, dynamic leaders use learning to challenge themselves to become better. If you’re going to join their ranks, you need to be putting into practice what you learn by evolving in your leadership mindset and implementing new habits in your daily routine. Learning is only intentional when it develops you.
If you really want to excel as a leader, don’t settle for being a passive learner who remains unchanged by the knowledge you’ve gained. This happens so often to people in leadership, and it will hinder you from reaching your fullest potential.
If you want to be a leader others want to follow, don’t make the mistake of being a passive learner. Be intentional.
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