Jeff Lawson

Co-Founder & CEO of Twilio

Episode summary
LEADING with understanding.

Co-Founder and CEO of Twilio, Jeff Lawson is a serial entrepreneur and technologist with a career including both large companies and a series of start-ups. Jeff leads with knowledge, a visceral connection to the customer’s problem, and the understanding of how to connect executives with software developers. Listen as Jeff and David discuss his time at Amazon working for Jeff Bezos, his view on how to define real customer problems, and why he cleverly returned all of his wedding gifts.

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Are you focused on a business problem worth solving?

“The things that you do to invest in yourself, whether or not they work out as a business or anything else, if they're growing your knowledge, and you're growing your relationships, you know, it'll work out in the end.

“The superpower of software is your ability to listen to customers, and continually iterate on your ideas, and further refine them at like this furious pace. Where every day you can be pushing out new versions of the software, and seeing if we're getting closer and closer to the ideal thing that your customers need.”

“It's not a matter of can you build it; it's a matter of is it worth building.”


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