Jessica Kim

Co-Founder & CEO of ianacare

Episode summary
LEADING with LOL (lots of love).

Co-founder and CEO of ianacare, Jessica Kim was thrust into the role of caregiver when her mother fell ill. Both of her parents moved in with her, and through this challenging and isolating time, Kim discovered the need to connect and offer support to those in similar positions. Listen as Jessica and David discuss the realities of caregiving, the power of empathy and launching a new business during a pandemic.

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Looking to lead with empathy.

“The reason why we strive for excellence is because if we're not excellent, we let our caregivers down, or our partners down or customers down.”

“Technology and digital...these are tools just like anything else. What you really have to focus on is the human problem, the human experience, the human perspective.”

“If you have a vision, it doesn't matter where you come from, or who you are, what you look like, or people's perceptions are of you--you go for it.”


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