Jimmy Dunne

Vice Chairman & Senior Managing Principal at Piper Sandler

Episode summary
LEADING with Anticipation.

Jimmy Dunne, one of the founders of Sandler O'Neill + Partners which was acquired by Piper Jaffray in January 2020, leads with true tenacity, anticipation and grit. Nearly decimated by the attacks of September, Jimmy led his firm, Sandler O'Neill, to become the largest independent full-service investment banking firm focused on the financial services sector. Listen as David and Jimmy discuss the emotional impacts of 9/11, transitioning in your career, and opening Seminole Golf Courses to a wider population of players.

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“Gratitude is you’re not gonna do anything in life on your own.”

“Planes may not fly in the building you're at but you're going to be challenged.”

“[I]t isn't enough just to be calm, under fire, that's a given...It's to be able to have the confidence to implement it, and be able to be persuasive enough so others will follow.”


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