Johnny Taylor

President & CEO of SHRM

Episode summary
LEADING with empathy.

Representing HR professionals from around the world, Johnny Taylor is President and CEO of SHRM, The Society for Human Resource Management. With a background in law and HR across many different industries — the connective thread for Taylor has always been people. Listen as David and Johnny discuss impacting 115 million people through SHRM, what he learned at Blockbuster, and redefining the reputation of HR.

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How do you grow, survive, and succeed in today’s fast-paced world?

“You've got to give people the freedom, the safety, to actually challenge ideas.”

“As much as people say they want change, they really don't. As much as people say they want transparency. They really don't.”

“I can judge you by who you hired to lead your diversity and inclusion work. Putting someone in there just because they happen to be black or a woman or LGBTQ whatever, without any real skill at doing it is tantamount to hiring somebody to be your CFO who doesn't have a background as a CFO."


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