Alexanne Riggle Weekly

It’s not enough for a leader to simply communicate a certain set of tasks that need to get done. You must also communicate the vision behind the tasks so your team buys into the overall mission. Lauren Hobart, President and CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, knows how important it is for leaders to communicate vision to their teams. Listen to David’s interview with Lauren to learn how you can install what she calls “commander’s intent” into your organization.

Key takeaway: Share the vision behind your objectives to bring your people with you and connect them to the big idea.

Take note of how you communicate to empower your team. Does your team know why they’re completing their assigned tasks? Do you let bureaucracy and unnecessary discussion get in the way of making quick decisions? Do your managers know how to communicate the vision behind projects they assign their teams?


Communicate to your team in a way that makes a real connection by doing the following:

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