Alexanne Riggle Weekly

No leader appreciates their people quite like Ken Langone does. His commitment to making sure his employees know that he truly cares for them is one of the reasons he’s become as successful as he has. Some leaders might think that showing employees that they matter doesn’t drive real results – but they’re wrong. In this episode, you’ll hear how Ken infuses employee appreciation wherever he goes, and how he and the people he leads have been rewarded by it.

Key Takeaway: Making your team members feel that they truly matter is the only way you’ll motivate them to drive results for your business.

Picture the faces of everyone on your team and think about these questions:

If I asked this person if they believed their boss truly cared about them, what would they say?

If I asked this person if they believed our company was for them and wanted them to succeed, would they believe it?

What have I done to show this person that what they’re doing matters and that I am proud of their work?

Make it a priority to show your team that you truly care about them by:

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