Alexanne Riggle Weekly

So much depends on how leaders connect and communicate with the people they lead. Do we know how to convey our expectations clearly? Do we know how to build consensus? Do we have the courage to tackle the tough conversations right away and not let them fester?

Communication is the way you build trust. Trust is the way you build relationships.

Key Takeaway: Your ability to connect and build relationships with the people you lead hinges on your ability to communicate well.

As you move through this week, pay attention to how you communicate with your team. Ask yourself where your team members might lack clarity and be the one who provides it. If there’s something you’ve been dreading to tell a certain team member, be the one who stays current and communicates it. If you feel anxiety or fear arise when you have to communicate with your team, notice it, reflect on it, then learn how you can get better.

This week, ensure you’re communicating with your team as every leader should:

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