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You know it. I know it. As a leader, you will face unforeseen challenges. Lots of people choose the easy way out of challenges and avoid dealing with bad news – but great leaders know how to engage their team even in the face of massive adversity. We can learn a lot about how to lead through challenging times from my friend Indra Nooyi. In her twelve years in charge at PepsiCo, she navigated all kinds of challenges – a global recession, major restructuring, sweeping changes in consumer habits. And yet, in those same twelve years, PepsiCo sales had risen by 80%.

Key Takeaway: Great leaders intentionally elevate the people they serve – especially in the face of adversity.


Think about the last time you had to navigate a complex challenge as a leader. How did you handle it? Did you isolate from your team, thinking you had to solve it yourself? Or did you continue to involve them, enlisting their help in meeting the challenge? Is your team more or less connected as a result of handling a challenge together?

This week, make an intentional effort to elevate the people you serve by:

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