Alexanne Riggle Weekly

When leaders face uncomfortable situations, it’s easy for that discomfort to keep you from moving forward. But to be a great leader, you have to know how to continue making progress on key initiatives even in the face of uncomfortable scenarios. Ginny Rometty, former Chairman and CEO of IBM has a ton to teach us about how to keep moving forward even through discomfort. Give this episode a listen and learn how she continued to lead the company forward even through uncomfortable times.

Key Takeaway: When dealing with uncomfortable situations, you must have a sense of conviction to keep you moving forward.

Are there situations you’re facing that are keeping you stuck? Do you feel overwhelmed by discomfort that you find it hard to make progress and keep moving? Take note this week of areas in your leadership where you feel stuck and reflect on why you feel that way.

This week, make progress in areas you feel stuck in by:

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