Mickey Drexler

Former CEO of The Gap, Banana Republic and J.Crew

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LEADING with Savvy.

Former CEO of The Gap, Banana Republic and J.Crew, Mickey Drexler has always had a keen instinct for merchandising and a philosophical commitment to following his gut in business. Drexler’s impact on pop culture is astounding as his fingerprint can be found on almost every fashion retail success over the last thirty years. Listen as Mickey and David discuss creative energy, landing on the name “Old Navy”, and designing the first Apple store with Steve Jobs.

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How well do you use instinct, or your gut, when leading?

“You must have a vision. You can't be going in and taking surveys of all your customers. You've got to see around corners, and you’ve got to feel it. And you got to have an idea and a feeling and then you’ve got to bet on people.”

"I don't think you can become creative unless you have curiosity."

“Don't just listen to people because they have an opinion. If you ask someone something, make sure they have the credentials to give you a good opinion.”


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