Rob Light

Managing Partner of Creative Artists Agency

Episode summary
LEADING with Imagination.

The Creative Artists Agency, or CAA as it’s commonly referred to, is the world’s largest talent and sports agency. CAA represents the top artists in show business — names like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Ben Platt, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and more. At the helm of the music division is Rob Light, a managing partner and worldwide chief. The trajectory of Rob’s career changed in one night... the night he attended his first Bruce Springsteen concert. Listen as David and Rob discuss starting out in the mailroom, revamping the Las Vegas concert scene, and why he turned down an opportunity to be the fourth hire at MTV.

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Your Imagination at work.

“There are just certain people who instinctively know how to move forward. And those turned out to be the next generation of leaders.”

“Everyone who works for me, I typically work for them: I'm there to serve, and make them better, make them stronger, try to empower them, try to put them in positions to succeed, try to find their best talents.”

“I'm looking for holes in the market that don't seem to be filled.”


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