Stephen MR Covey

Bestselling Author, Speaker & Speed of Trust Global Practice Leader

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LEADING with Trust.

Former President and CEO of Franklin-Covey Leadership, Stephen M. R. Covey felt compelled to transition his career from business leadership to thought leadership with his book, The Speed of Trust. Now a NewYorkTimes and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author, listen as Stephen and David discuss mission-driven business, feeding your strengths and the influence of his father Stephen Covey.

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What makes you anxious about work relationships?

“A great team has people that have different strengths, different weaknesses...if they trust each other, those differences truly are strengths that can be turned into creativity and innovation. If they don't trust each other, then you're not really a team, you're just a group of people working on a project.”

“When there's high trust you move fast with low cost. When there's low trust it takes you longer and costs you more.”

“Clearly you need to be trustworthy. That's the starting point. But you've got to also be trusting, you’ve got to be willing to extend that trust.”


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