The Two Things You Need To Be a Complete Leader

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We want to change the world by creating better leaders and we believe to be the best leader you can be requires that you are both Heartwired® and Hardwired®.

What do we mean by that? Heartwiring® is building passionate commitment in those you lead and Hardwiring is putting the discipline and process around what matters most so you get great results. If you have one without the other you are never going to accomplish BIG things.

There are four categories:

  1. Leaders who are high on Heartwiring® and Hardwiring® are the type of leader others want to follow. They treat others well and care about them while using process and discipline to get consistent results the right way. But even good leaders can get better
  2. Those who are high on Heartwiring® and low on Hardwiring® tend to be well liked by their peers and subordinates, but they often fail to deliver the best results on a consistent basis. Learning how to establish process and discipline around the things that matter most will help them deliver and sustain powerful results.
  3. Individuals who are low on Heartwiring® and high on Hardwiring® tend to value results more than people. People in this quadrant may experience low engagement and high turnover on their team because they tend to get things accomplished through muscle management rather than influence.
  4. People who are low on both Heartwiring® and Hardwiring® might be new leaders who have not received appropriate leadership training. Or they may come from a work environment that focuses only on results. They desire to become the most effective leaders they can be, but, like everyone, they need help.

We must never stop growing as leaders. Most of us lean more towards one or the other, either we are more Heartwired or Hardwired. Determine where you need to grow the most and lean into the learning zone. Take our FREE assessment and find out if you are more Heartwired or Hardwired.

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