timo boldt

Founder & CEO of Gousto

Episode summary
LEADING with Curiosity.

Timo Boldt, the Founder and CEO of Gousto, leads with the curiosity to set big goals and learn everything he needs to achieve them. Timo is redefining the subscription meal kit business in the UK, founding his company at the ripe old age of 27-years-old. Gousto is the largest meal kit company in the UK, and it delivers fresh ingredients for tasty home-cooked dinners with easy-to-follow recipe cards and perfectly measured ingredients. As an entrepreneur, Timo leads with a focus on constant learning. He is a true innovator and big believer that nothing big happens without getting people on board, so culture is his number-one priority.

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Culture vs. Data. Which one drives decisions?

“Setting mediocre targets is just the most commonly traveled avenue to mediocre-ness”

“Coaching is all about listening. It's about understanding what makes people tick. It's about raising questions, rather than subscribing answers.”

“It's all about high support, high challenge. If you're only in the high support area, then you're not unlocking the best potential in people. It's all about finding this balance of stretching people, but at the same time supporting them.”


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