Two Tips For Managing a Part Time Team

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There are tons of benefits to have part-time employees: they reduce the workload of your full-time staff and when you can’t afford to add more full-time employees, part-time workers provide the skills needed without breaking the budget. While there are countless benefits to employing part-time workers, leading them isn’t without its challenges.

With a part-time team, you’ll probably need to adjust the way you lead. Different methods are needed to engage them. To get the most out of your part-time team, here are two tips to consider:

  1. Let them know they count, even though they aren’t full-time. Everyone on the team is important. Don’t differentiate between full-time and part-time workers because regardless of how many hours they clock in, the role they perform adds value.
  2. Empower your part-time team members by giving them more responsibility. When people feel more ownership in their role and have a bigger stake in the company, they’re more likely to give their best.

Follow these tips and you’ll have part-time staff who are more connected and committed. Plus, you’ll see more synergy between your full-time and part-time workers—and a team who works well together achieves better results.

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