Why Delegation Makes You a Better Leader

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Here’s a secret every leader should know: success isn’t a one-person show. Behind most big successes is a team of great people. A leader’s job is to empower their team to achieve great results, and a strong leader knows the importance of delegation in reaching their business’ goals.

When used correctly, delegation is a powerful tool that helps employees feel more engaged. Plus, goals are much more attainable when one person isn’t accountable for all the work.

It can be difficult to let go of work when it seems easier to do it yourself. But there’s great benefits to giving your team a chance to grow and take on new responsibilities. It’s important to know when to delegate though.

If you’re unsure about how you can best implement delegation, follow these guidelines:

  • The art of leadership is knowing when to give people total accountability, and knowing when they need a little coaching and help. Autonomy is an earned right. Don’t turn someone loose on something until they demonstrate they have the capability to do it right.
  • You want your people to feel empowered. Once you take the joy of the decision away, you take the joy of the job away. As soon as your new team members demonstrate that they have the capabilities to make the right decisions, empower them by giving them more responsibility and influence.
  • Delegation involves knowing when to let go. You don’t want to hover over them and micromanage to the point that they can’t take flight. Let people fly a little bit earlier than you think they might be ready for. By doing so, you show trust and are giving them the opportunity to rise to the occasion. In Jonathan Blum’s podcast, he shares how his boss gave him a huge responsibility early in his career. Find out how that paid off for Jonathan by listening here.

When you delegate, not only do you allow yourself to focus on other things, but you also make your team feel needed and useful. When employees feel like their work matters, they are more productive and work hard for better results. It’s a win, win! How can you start delegating today?

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