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Leadership courses to help you develop as a leader and achieve more with your team and organization.

Learn from one of the most successful CEOs how to drive performance and achieve success.

Gain confidence as a leader
Unite your team around a bold vision
Transform your organization and culture

Gain confidence and achieve more with practical leadership courses.

To gain confidence as a leader, you need a plan for tackling common leadership challenges and aligning your team around. Our leadership courses will help give you practical ways you can resolve issues and keep your team moving forward toward your biggest goals. Not just high level concepts – no-nonsense, actionable steps you can take that will make a difference in your leadership.

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Leaders at every level deserve to be developed. And they deserve to learn from people who have been there.

The leadership development industry is crowded. But a lot of leadership programs are taught by people who haven’t led successful companies. It’s mainly philosophy and platitudes – not practical steps one can take to get better.

We're here to change that

Our leadership development programs are taught by David Novak, former CEO of Yum! Brands. It’s these principles he used to lead a global organization to wild success, and now you can learn how he did it.

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Leadership courses to help you develop as a leader and accomplish big goals

Taking People With You Course

Learn the leadership framework that will finally help you get big things done with your team. This simple framework will help you gain alignment and momentum as you achieve your biggest goals.

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Purposeful Recognition Course

If recognition isn’t part of your company culture, your business is suffering. Learn how to create a culture of recognition and unleash the power of your people.

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We have one mission—to make the world a better place by developing better leaders.

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place by developing better leaders. And we believe cost should never get in the way of one’s development. It’s why all of our leadership training courses are free, so leaders at every level can become the best they can be.

There’s no catch – it’s literally free. We won’t ask for your credit card information, and we won’t bill you at a later date.

Learn more about our mission here.
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Helping leaders like you build the confidence they need.

Great Leadership Course! Very practical ways to help improve yourself, your employees, and your company!

Kenneth D.

This course was well worth the investment and has me excited to see what it will do for our business.

Mark M.

The Purposeful Recognition leadership course was very impactful. I've realized how many opportunities I've missed with recognition. I've now modified my calendar with my daily and weekly routines (both personal and professional) to be more systematic in my approach to drive consistency.

Ben W.

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Meet Your Guide:
David Novak

David Novak learned long ago that you can’t lead an organization or get big things done without getting everyone on your team focused relentlessly on the mission. Over the years, David has taught this program to thousands and thousands of people. Now, he’s excited to teach it to you.

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