steve kerr

Golden State Warriors Head Coach

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Eight-time NBA champion and former player, Steve Kerr, is now the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. For Kerr, humor and joy are essential tools in his leadership approach. Listen as Steve and David discuss what he’s learned as both a player and a coach in the NBA, reminding your team of each player’s value, and how his international upbringing has shaped the way he navigates the world.

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Do you need grit to succeed?

“I wanted to connect with the bench because I had been there. And so my first year, I came up with this idea that our team mantra could be strength in numbers.”

“We want to bring in guys who other players we're going to enjoy playing with, because then there's kind of a momentum that feeds on itself.”

“When you're leading an organization to want to act like you've got all the answers, but it's actually much more powerful if you're comfortable in your own skin, of walking into a room and getting command of the room with your personality, with your values with your communication, and then really openly admitting, hey, I need help in this area.”


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