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The leadership framework to help you and your team get big things done, together.

An online course based on the #1 NYT bestselling book, Taking People With You

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Without a clear plan uniting your team around a big goal, your success is limited—big time.

Bottom-line results are hard to come by
Accomplishing big goals feels daunting
You feel isolated in your role as a leader
Employees feel their work doesn’t matter
Distrust among your team threatens your culture
Self-doubt clouds your ability to lead well

If you want to get big things done with your team, this course is for you.

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Leadership training from a CEO who's been there.

David Novak grew Yum! Brands from $4B to $32B in market cap.

He’ll teach you how to align your team around audacious goals and actually get them done.

These common-sense principles will help you develop as a leader while you take your team to levels of success you never thought possible.

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David Novak, Former CEO of Yum! Brands
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The Taking People With You Framework will teach you how to:

Define the single biggest thing that will impact your organization
Get buy-in from everyone you need to achieve your big goal
Get inside the minds of those you lead to find out what makes them tick
Give everyone on your team a voice to speak their mind and share their feedback
Create a culture of recognition that will transform the way your team works and gets things done
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Your plan to getting big things done with your team.

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Put these principles into action in your leadership style and organization
Gain the confidence you need to be a leader who gets big things done
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What you’ll get with this course:

15 videos offering practical advice based on real-life experience from a former CEO of the Year
A downloadable workbook and action steps to help you implement what you learn
A Leadership Development Plan you can use to continue growing as a leader
Practical tools you can use to create alignment among your team
Lifetime access so you can revisit these principles time and time again
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Meet Your Guide:
David Novak

David Novak learned long ago that you can’t lead an organization or get big things done without getting everyone on your team focused relentlessly on the mission. Over the years, David has taught this program to thousands and thousands of people. Now, he’s excited to teach it to you.

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