3 Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of This Course With Your Team

The more people there are on your team who can think like a leader, the more BIG THINGS you can get done together! Try these three ideas and incorporate this course with your team. 

1. Create an incentive.

It’s one thing to invite people on your team to go through Taking People With You. But in order for them to really grow as leaders, they’ve got to actually TAKE the course!

That’s where you come in. Offer a special reward for anyone who completes the course by a certain date. It could be a gift card, additional PTO, or a special lunch. Get creative! You know what motivates your team.

2. Make it social.

The best way to help your team apply these concepts is to get people talking. Create opportunities for those who are taking the course to get together – like a lunch bunch or a Zoom meeting. People can discuss what they’re learning and how it applies in your organization. You may need to help facilitate and direct those conversations, but it’s important that you listen more than you speak. You’ll learn so much about what makes each team member tick – and you’ll probably get a lot of great insights into your business, too. 

3. Add it to individual development plans.

If you already have development plans with your direct reports and team members, add this course to the action items in it. It’s a natural way to introduce the material, and the modules and takeaways can become excellent jumping-off points in your regular one-on-one meetings. It’s just another way you can show your direct reports that you care about their development and you want to see them thrive as a leader.

Invite people on your team to go through Taking People With You.